Popular St. Petersburg Cafe faces eviction and closure at the end of the month

September 19, 2023 by No Comments

One of St. Petersburg’s most popular independent stores claims that it is being forced out of its current occupancy. According to the owner of Cafe Soleil at Dolphin Beach, this is because a new Starbucks is coming near its venue which has prompted the building owner to kick them out.

The eviction was announced in a Facebook post which also mentioned looking for a new location. This most likely means some form of temporary closure while the owner looks for a new home. Here, they wrote this post: “Dear Customers and Friends, we are heartbroken to announce that the café is being evicted from Dolphin Village by Brixmor Property Group, at the end of the month. We are working hard to find a new location here on the beach. We will continue to post updates on social media so stay tuned.

This post was met with nearly 100 supportive comments by the local community, with many also venting their anger towards the landlord. More information can be found here which claims: ‘Some of us remember the controversy over Starbucks first coming to the Dolphin Village shopping center. Now, the owner of Dolphin Village, Brixmor Property Group, is evicting a local business at the alleged demand of Starbucks.’

As of the time of writing, neither the landlord nor Starbucks have commented on the situation. It is not known whether they will in the future either. However, you can understandably see why the local community is rallying behind Cafe Soleil which will hopefully find a new home sooner rather than later.

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