Locals angered after Deereside D.I.Y. Skatepark gets torn down

September 19, 2023 by No Comments

One of Denton’s only skate parks has just been torn down. This was initially mentioned by the park’s Instagram page which shared the update in a story. Here, it simply said R.I.P. next to an image of the now-destroyed park. What once had various ramps and places for skateboarders to train on now showed an empty slab of concrete.

Deereside skate park was originally an abandoned space before a group of local skaters got together and built a number of ramps, curbs, walls, and other objects to practice their tricks on. Over the years, this grew in popularity with the local skateboarding community, and at one point they even sold merchandise. However, it looks as though the same group will now be looking for a new home and place to hang out.


As seen above, an image uploaded to Reddit confirmed the destruction of the Denton-based park. Here, locals reacted with anger. One user wrote: “Denton’s urban plan is to let developers tear up everything in their way and build ugly apartments. Go ahead, scrape all the mature trees off the earth since it’s cheaper to plant a new sprig. Drive Loop 288 near Mayhill or north of Spencer Road /and Mayhill. I’m sick of all the destroyed trees in the name of so called progress.”

Regardless of your thoughts on the situation, hopefully the Deereside skaters can find a place to practice sooner rather than later as these community spaces are often important for the younger generation in terms of socializing and avoiding trouble.


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