Strange lights spotted in Syracuse sky at night – Here’s what they mean

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

Last night, residents of Syracuse who gazed up at the night sky may have encountered a rather unexpected spectacle. A total of 19 small, blue orbs were observed traversing in a perfectly straight line. For those who had never witnessed such a phenomenon, it likely elicited astonishment. Undoubtedly, this was far from the usual sights one would anticipate in Syracuse.

Consequently, various speculations were given on social media, with some entertaining the idea of a spaceship formation or a military event. However, the reality behind this spectacle is far less sensational. It can be attributed to the efforts of Elon Musk.


The cause of this celestial display is none other than Musk’s Starlink satellite service, a venture under his SpaceX company that provides broadband coverage across more than 60 regions. Although these satellites have been orbiting the Earth since 2019, they have only recently become more conspicuous.

Consequently, an increasing number of Americans are now encountering them, occasionally leading to bewilderment. Interested individuals can monitor the progress of the Starlink satellites on this designated website. Predictably, this trajectory also included passages over Syracuse in recent days. With that said, it is highly probable that Syracuse will continue to witness the presence of Starlink satellites in the months and years ahead. Therefore, if you missed the opportunity to observe these satellites, you will likely have another chance to do so in the future.

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