Maine Pizza Joint criticized for adding 20% tip for pick up order

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

A Maine pizzeria has recently been criticized for adding a 20% tip onto a customer’s order, for collecting the order instead of dining in. This was shared on Reddit where the customer uploaded a screenshot of the extra charge and other users voiced their criticisms of the added fee.

It was eventually revealed by one user that this place was Market Pizza in Houlton which has been open for business for many years. The total order came to $55.65 but $7.17 of this was filed under ‘taxes and fees’ while a forced $8 tip was also included. It goes without saying that usually tips are optional, as otherwise this defeats their very purpose.


Despite backlash from the local community, Market Pizza has been awarded positive reviews and even the customer who paid the added tip was complimentary of their pizza. With this said, it could always be worse and at least the pizza wasn’t a complete disaster as far as taste is concerned. As well as this, the customer screenshot also revealed that they had earned 404 points which shows another silver lining.

Still, the main point here is that tipping culture seems to have gotten out of hand in the US in recent years. This is yet another example of stealth fees that have become commonplace in recent times.


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