Lexington Restaurant job advert looks for ‘responsible adults’ and lists strict no-drama policy

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

A Lexington restaurant chain recently advertised for new servers and won plenty of praise on social media due to their no-nonsense approach. Here, Columbia’s Steakhouse put up a sign that showed they were hiring. This sign was pretty straightforward and was specifically looking for good workers.

Here’s exactly what it said: ‘No hiring servers. No drugs. No drama. Issues related to legal, relationships, transportation, tardiness, bad habits, excessive cell phone use, will not be tolerated. No B.S. We hire responsible adults. You must be able to get along with others. Please don’t apply if you don’t fit the above criteria.’ A photo of the advert can be seen below. This was on the Richmond Road location.


Having said this, not everyone was amused by the blunt display. One Reddit user wrote: “Unless they’re going to pay a guaranteed living wage, they probably need to lower their standards to “show up at some point, maybe not screw up the order too badly, and at least wash your hands” and go from there.” Here, many in the thread agreed with this sentiment, that the sign was too aggressive with its overall message.

On a final, serious note, if you are looking for a job in the area then it may be worth a consideration. Of course, this is assuming that you pass their list of requirements in the first place.

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