Image shows 100 bikers joyriding down Broadway on Saturday night

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

An image recently went viral on social media that was captioned: ’80-100 motorcyclists joyriding down Broadway on a Saturday night. Antagonizing drivers, burning rubber, actively blocking off intersections, running red lights, weaving through traffic and being obnoxiously loud. Where is Denver PD?’ This was accompanied by an image of bikers driving through the city streets in various lanes. This gained over 600 comments from Denver locals who gave their thoughts on the situation. As you can imagine, residents weren’t exactly happy to hear about this and criticized the bikers for their dangerous and loud behavior.


Speaking on Reddit, one user wrote: “There’s way more than 80-100. They’re near Alameda now. I think it’s hundreds. They’ve been passing for more than 5 minutes.”

Others commented that this scenario had been reoccurring for years and was not new. It should be noted that this behavior is usually done on weekends and during the weekdays, the downtown area of the city is much more pleasant. Furthermore, others claimed that the police could only do so much in terms of reprimanding and catching hundreds of bikers. Nonetheless, you could argue that something needs to be done as this isn’t a nice situation for locals driving among them or trying to sleep in nearby properties.


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