Chicago Blue Line carriages get much-needed upgrades

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

An image uploaded yesterday went viral on social media. Here, it showed the new upgrades of the Blue Line cars. This information shouldn’t be too surprising seeing as it was announced back in May that $200 million would be given to Chicago’s public transport to help revitalize their aging infrastructure. Now, we can see for ourselves what $200 million gets you.

As seen below, this includes new, soft blue seats. These will undoubtedly add comfort for passengers using the Blue Line system. However, there is a long-term question surrounding the use of these padded seats compared to going down the plastic route. This is based on the quick deterioration of the padding and also possible hygiene issues.


The photo was originally uploaded to Reddit where it got a strong response from hundreds of Chicagoans. Here, many praised the improved visibility of the map and also liked the inward-facing seats. Although many were complimentary of the new upgrades, some held more of a cynical view, with one user writing: “Looks like it was designed 30 years ago and will be the new standard car for the next 30+ years…guess we take whatever we can get and hope they can actually turn their focus on better serving Chicagoans.”

As is often the case with public spending, it looks as though this is a case of differing opinions with some being pleased with the new look Blue Line, while others aren’t as happy.


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