Boulder named #1 in nation for remote workers at over 30%

September 18, 2023 by No Comments

A recent study conducted by the business website Axios showed that Boulder, Colorado had the highest share of remote workers of any metro area last year. This figure was at 32% which means that almost one-third of Boulder’s workforce are remote.

This is more than anywhere else in the US, with Denver coming in as a close second. Interestingly, these numbers showed that Mississippi had the least remote workers, with a mere 5.5% of their population participating in work remotely.

The article continues, saying nationally, the amount of people working from home is far greater compared to 2019 before the pandemic began. Understandably, after the pandemic, the idea of working from home boomed and according to the figures, it hasn’t really stopped since.

According to this census study, 36% of Boulder residents worked from home which is slightly higher compared to the aforementioned study.


Irrespective of the data, it doesn’t say why Boulder is the nation’s leader in remote working. However, it could be a combination of beautiful scenery with lower living costs compared to certain gigantic cities such as San Francisco and New York. Regardless, it will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the coming years or whether a different city will take its crown. For now at least, this means that a good chunk of Boulder’s workforce prefers to stay at home and this may not necessarily be a bad thing either.


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