Sioux City’s most expensive house just got a huge price cut

September 17, 2023 by No Comments

Now listed at $1,300,000 on Zillow, this Sioux City property was previously listed for $175,000 more back in August. It is still Sioux City’s most expensive property and is still out of reach for most normal people. Nonetheless, this discount is significant and is more than a 10% cut. A nice positive of this home is also the HOA fee which is only $100 annually.

Located at Cypress Point, this is a pretty sizable property with scenic views of the surrounding countryside. In terms of size, it’s also pretty huge and is 5,012 sqft. More impressively, it comes with 11.60 acres of land which means you could even become a farmer if you so desired.


It also comes with three bedrooms and five bathrooms, which are set across three stories. This also has a large drive, security gate, bar, games room, indoor grill, fire pit, and large swimming pool. One of the most eye-catching parts of the house is arguably the large fireplace that dominates the living room.


Going by the internal pictures, the house does look a bit dated which may be to do with the color scheme and features. Of course, potential owners could change this to suit their own tastes and with a $175,000 discount, they may very well be tempted to do so.

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