Massive TSA line emerges at Chattanooga airport due to one big reason

September 17, 2023 by No Comments

When embarking on air travel, the least desirable scenario is encountering delays. Regrettably, this was the predicament faced by numerous passengers at Chattanooga Airport yesterday. As illustrated in the image, queues stretched endlessly and appeared to be progressing at an exceptionally slow rate. According to the person who uploaded the image, the line wait was one hour. And there is a very frustrating reason as to why this happened.


Picture yourself on a journey, fatigued, and then having to traverse at a leisurely pace for over 60 minutes. It’s safe to say that this isn’t anyone’s idea of an enjoyable experience. Nonetheless, this recurring incident appears to unfold with unwavering regularity during this particular time of year.

The reason was due to the airport only having one X-ray machine. You would hope that the airport security would have some kind of foresight and experience in avoiding these delays. Nonetheless, this was not the case.

Speaking on the ordeal, one Reddit user who was in the line wrote: “I barely made the flight and arrived at security 1 hour and 15 mins before departure. To make matters worse, they let people who arrived at the last minute but had an earlier flight cut in line. So the line barely moved. If you have an early morning flight I suggest arriving about 2 hours early until they get both machines up.”

Usually, Chattanooga airport has a good reputation for providing a speedy, reliable service. With this said, we can only hope that it was a one-off incident that didn’t become a regular occurrence.

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