Madison-Western bus stop completely destroyed after truck crash

September 17, 2023 by No Comments

Last night, the Madison-Western 20 East bus stop was completely destroyed. As seen below, the glass was literally shattered into thousands of pieces which meant the nearby paving wasn’t safe to walk on. Not only this but the plastic and metal parts of the bus stop were also completely ripped apart. As the saying goes, a picture can say a thousand words.

The image in question was uploaded to Reddit, where the person who photographed it said this: “Morning. I witnessed this happening last night but only heard it until I turned my head to see what the sound was. Luckily no one was there nor was I. Some guy in a truck went full ham on this glass shelter bus stop and then sped off. If the traffic jam and noises from the “parade” weren’t enough last night, I give you this.”


As you may expect, Chicago locals weren’t very happy about this and voiced their concerns. Here, one user wrote: “There are a lot of elderly people from the senior apartments down the street that sit there with their groceries waiting for the bus. This is disgusting behavior.”

Although damage was done, it goes without saying that this could have been a lot worse. Had people been waiting for the bus then it may have been fatal. Further still, the fact that the driver fled the scene also speaks volumes about their character.


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