This house just went up for sale in Alaska – And it looks like a James Bond villain’s secret lair

September 16, 2023 by No Comments

Listed for $3,995,000, this property just went up for sale in Alaska on Zillow. It is literally in the middle of a huge forest, so if privacy is your thing then it is awesome. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about HOA rules such as trimming your hedges, because there’s no one around. The property itself is large enough at 4,120 sqft, but it’s the size of the land that makes this place special. Here, it sits on over 27 acres of woodland and is close to a massive lake.

Despite the size of the land, this property only has two bedrooms which is a little disappointing if you’re looking at raising a family. It also comes with 3 bedrooms. However, if you like your peace and quiet then it’s perfect.


Perhaps the main selling point of this pad is the architecture. The house is nestled nicely into the local terrain and has an underground parking spot. Inside, it’s also incredibly minimalist and has a lot of wooden features that blend in with the surroundings.


As seen, it’s all very nicely made and has stunning views from the windows. Not only this but it also comes with a huge fire and a cozy loft. This would be ideal for those seeking solitude and is a long way from the busier cities such as Anchorage. Unfortunately, due to the price, this is far beyond the reach of most Alaskans.


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