Popular Tulsa deli permanently closes

September 16, 2023 by No Comments

Today, one of Tulsa’s most popular delicatessens closed its doors for the last time. Here, Jane’s Deli said goodbye to its customers after providing years of good food and good times. Over the years, Jane’s had built up a stellar reputation and enjoyed favorable reviews online.

The announcement to close was made two days ago and was quite abrupt. Here, they released an Instagram post that read: ‘It’s been an amazing run with you Tulsa and we’re so thankful for all the time that we’ve had together. Come get your Jane’s fix for the last time before we close. Enjoy this little spot on Route 66- it’s been six years for us. We love you guys so much and appreciate all the relationships that we’ve built together.’

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Interestingly, Jane’s also put out a post in late August claiming to be hiring new staff. With this in mind, it is fair to say that this announcement is quite confusing based on the context. Furthermore, Jane’s didn’t announce why they were closing so at this point it could be due to personal or financial reasons.

The farewell post was well received by Tulsans, with over 600 liking the post, and more than 130 paying their respects to the deli. Throughout the years, Jane’s was best known for serving sandwiches, burgers, and pastries. Undeniably, it will be missed by many.


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