Louisville’s most unique home gets a $255,000 price cut

September 16, 2023 by No Comments

At first glance, this Louisville property looks incredible and this is reflected in its price. Priced at $4,995,000, this also recently slashed $255,000 off its valuation. With 13,273 sqft of property and 6.71 acres of land, you can start to see why it’s so expensive. Built in 1867 it also has bags of character and is situated on Sulgrave Road. So, what is the catch?

When looking at the Zillow images, you will suddenly realize why this house has not sold. In short, it has undergone renovations and is incomplete. Sadly, entire rooms are half-built. In the back of the house is an ambitious dome structure. Sadly, its walls have not even been plastered. Similarly, there are some rooms where the ceilings have not been finished as well. In short, it is a work in progress.


Interestingly, certain parts of this house are completely finished and look fabulous. This gives an indication as to what the project could look like when finished. However, it is a long way off this and would cost hundreds of thousands (or even more) to get it up to scratch.


As seen, there are still touches from the older times, as this property has marble mantles, vintage wallpaper, and a beautiful, green staircase. With this in mind, this property is definitely a work in progress that would need a lot of time and money put into it to make it work. In fairness, when complete, this property would certain be one of the best in Louisville.

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