Irvine City gets its own version of Monopoly as Irvineopoly hits the shelves

September 16, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Irvine got a taste of its own version of Monopoly. Available in stores such as Wallgreens, Irvineopoly has piqued the curiosity of locals. This is basically an Irvine-themed version of Monopoly and features properties such as Tanaka farms and more familiar aspects of Irvine life such as traffic jams and property taxes. In other words, it sounds very accurate.

Due to its novelty, locals have also reported that this game is quite difficult to get hold of. Clearly, it is quite popular and shops such as Walgreens may have sold out. Nonetheless, you would assume that they will be restocked at some point.


Irvine residents spoke about their excitement on Reddit, where one user reported that they were in stock for $20. Unfortunately though, they also claimed that the game didn’t have Tesla car pieces, which means that it may not be that accurate after all.

Over the years, monopoly has literally made thousands of variations, including some based on video games, as well as many others based on various cities. With this said, it isn’t too surprising to see a city the size of Irvine get its own version. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty cool product. So, if you’re looking for a novelty present with the holiday season just around the corner, then Irvineopoly could be an ideal gift.

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