Indianapolis City Market to partly transform into apartments next year

September 16, 2023 by No Comments

The Indianapolis City Market is slated for closure in 2024 for a series of renovations. However, the specific closure date remains undetermined at this time. The Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development has assured businesses operating within the market that they will receive prior notification regarding the impending closure. However, it is not known whether the previous shops will be re-opening when the market eventually re-opens.

Upon its reopening, the market will be under the management of a new private group, as opposed to the existing nonprofit entity, the City Market Corporation. In 2022, redevelopment plans were set in motion for the East Wing of the market, aiming to incorporate over 400 housing units, enhancements to public spaces, and various other improvements.

With this said, when the market does re-appear it will undoubtedly look vastly different from the market that we currently know and love. Furthermore, if there are plans for new apartments then it’s highly possible that the market could be closed for a number of years rather than months. Whether you like it or not, it looks as though real change is coming to Indianapolis next year. Until then, you may as well make the most of the market before it changes forever.

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