Dangerous moment tourists run towards wild bears in traffic jam

September 15, 2023 by No Comments

Recent footage showed a very dangerous incident that thankfully ended without any serious casualties. During a Wyoming traffic jam, a group of tourists decided to chase a family of wild bears. Here, there were two cubs and one parent. Shocked to see bears in the wild, a man starts shouting at the bears before frantically running toward them.

He is then followed by others, including a man holding a small child who is trying to get closer to the bear family. Luckily for those involved, the bears decided to run away, rather than toward the humans. If the adult bear had reacted badly then this could have easily led to death. The video was uploaded to Reddit where users damned the tourists for their reckless behavior.

The video ends with the ranger’s car pulling in, and it is assumed that the tourists may have wanted photographs with the bears which would have been a very bad idea. One user summed it up perfectly by writing: “That’s messed up. Are all four of those adults in on it? Looks like two men, a woman with a small child and then the woman on the side of the road taking pictures. Would love to know the details of this madness.”

Due to the abrupt ending of the footage, it is not known whether the tourists were fined for their behavior or whether they were allowed to go free. Regardless, they can count themselves very lucky considering what could have happened.


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