Huge Check-In Lines at Vdara show holiday season is still in full swing

September 14, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a photograph went viral on social media which showed a huge check-in line at the Vdara hotel in Las Vegas. Despite October being around the corner, it showed that the party season never ends in Las Vegas as literally hundreds of revelers were pictured waiting to check-in.

According to the person who uploaded the image, it took them nearly 2 hours to get their key. However, they were positive about Vdara, claiming that those waiting were given complimentary soft drinks during the queue. As you can imagine, the idea of going on a holiday is to unwind, so this isn’t exactly ideal for customers to go through upon arrival.


As seen above, despite a wind-angle lens being used, it still didn’t capture the true extent of the line. Here, the line literally went out of sight. According to Yelp, the Vdara hotel has thousands of positive reviews so it looks as though this situation was more of a one-off rather than a regular occurrence.

On a separate, it’s certainly a case of things potentially being worse. This is because the MGM Grand was hacked earlier this week meaning it hasn’t been a particularly good time for Las Vegas hotels and casinos of late.

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