Close call as Electric Bike Rider almost gets hit by car

September 11, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, dash cam footage showed the rider of an electric bike dicing with death on Pomona Ave. in West Costa Mesa. Here, they seemingly came out of nowhere and came incredibly close to getting hit by the car in question.

The footage was uploaded to Reddit where it shocked Orange County residents. Here, the user that uploaded it wrote: “Luckily I was driving with beta FSD on because normally I like to punch it. Had I floored it I would have killed this kid. Not wearing a helmet. Not having a freaking clue. He would have ruined his life, his family and friend’s lives as well as me and my wife having to live with his death on my hands. This is just one instance of teenagers driving irresponsibly on electric bikes around OC. You all have seen it. There have to be mandates put into place to limit this behavior. This cannot be sustainable without severe consequences for the community.”

The post garnered over 270 comments with users voicing their shock at how dangerous the bike rider was. Users also expressed their desire for Orange County to enforce licenses for electric bicycles due to instances like this. On a similar note, other Reddit users wrote of similar experiences where they had also come close to hitting rogue bike riders around the area. Fortunately in this care, the reckless driving didn’t end in a tragedy. However, if the car driver was less cautious then this could have been a completely different story.

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