Blue street lights have started appearing in Connecticut – However there is a simple explanation

September 11, 2023 by No Comments

In a recent social media post, a resident of Connecticut raised an inquiry about a pair of distinctive light poles within the city. Rather than emitting the conventional white light typically associated with street lighting, these poles cast a peculiar blue glow.

Here, they accompanied the query with a photograph illustrating the unusual lighting phenomenon, prompting curiosity about whether these lights had been tampered with or if there was a deliberate reason behind their unconventional appearance. Surprisingly, the explanation behind this phenomenon is rather straightforward and logical upon closer examination. You can observe the enigmatic light poles in the image below. This took place on 84 between the Route 4 and Route 72 exits


The issue, as it turns out, stems from these lights experiencing a malfunction, albeit not in the form of shattered glass. Instead, the problem lies in the gradual fading of the lightbulb’s tint over time. In essence, the LED lights are afflicted by a manufacturing defect. To achieve their bright white luminance, manufacturers typically apply a filter or coating to the bulbs. Over time, this filter or coating may deteriorate, leading to peeling or fading.

Consequently, more blue light permeates through the bulb, resulting in the distinctive purple hue observed in this case. This problem is often conspicuous in urban areas where lengthy stretches of roads exhibit a similar issue. This occurs because a substantial quantity of these bulbs was acquired, and many of them share the same defect. Thus, the mystery is resolved.

Nevertheless, the presence of these unique blue-hued lights adds a distinct ambiance to the area. One would assume that the Connecticut authorities will address this matter promptly.

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