Anchorage to get Costco Business Center at Tikahtnu

September 11, 2023 by No Comments

Today it was revealed that a Costco was being built at the old Sam’s Club building in Tikahtnu, off Muldoon. This was photographed by an eagle-eyed Anchorage resident who spotted the sign going up. Not only this but the building was surrounded by construction workers who were busy adding the final touches to the store.

Although Anchorage already has Costco’s located around the city, this will be the first Costco Business Center which is a different kind of store. In short, there aren’t many Business Centers around the USA. Unlike regular stores, these are focused on providing for business customers, as opposed to regular members of the public.


Differences include their food offerings and product selection, as well as their delivery options. Even the pricing exhibits some distinctions. As you may also expect with businesses, there is a bigger emphasis on bulk purchases, and the items are geared less toward homes and more toward businesses.

As this news has just broke, little is known in terms of what this Costco will include. For instance, it is still unknown if it will feature a cafe area, or whether it will sell gas. Although many Costco Business Centers do have these features, some do not. On a final note, it is not known when this outlet will open either. Having said this, it looks like it could arrive before the end of the year.

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