Uniqlo X Kaws collab creates huge line in Newport Centre

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

A recent collaboration between Uniqlo and Kaws created a massive line in the Newport Centre. Here, a total of 100 art books were on sale to the public that showed a number of illustrations between the two collaborators. Perhaps one of the main reasons for such interest was due to Kaws being born and raised in Jersey City.

Also known as Brian Donnelly, the 48 year old is an acclaimed street artist who has gone on to design jerseys for the Brooklyn Nets. It may not just be a case of supporting a local artist though. In some cases, scarce art items can be resold on the used market for well over ten times their original retail price. In other words, some of the interest may have been financially motivated.


Interestingly, if you’re to walk around parts of Jersey City and surrounding areas, it’s possible to see artwork from Kaws on the streets. This shows that his career has really exploded over the years, going from a local graffiti artist to an internationally acclaimed designer.

The above image was originally posted to the website Reddit which documented the line and highlighted the popularity of the collaboration. Based on this image alone, it is assumed that since its release, the aforementioned art books have since sold out due to high demand.

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