Florida man captures massive iguana after wrestling with his bare hands

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

Rarely do we witness an individual capturing an animal without employing any tools, weapons, or nets. Nevertheless, a TikTok video posted by kendra_theanimallady showcases a man engaging in a formidable struggle with a colossal iguana amidst a natural backdrop of trees, grass, and water. In the end, he emerges victorious, showing remarkable athleticism and skill.

For those curious, it’s worth noting that green iguanas are non-indigenous to Florida. They can be captured humanely throughout the year, without the need for a permit or hunting license, on 32 publicly accessible lands in South Florida, provided one has the landowner’s consent.


Residents in certain parts of South Florida have begun preparing iguana meat, following encouragement from the Florida Wildlife Agency to eliminate green iguanas on their properties. Surprisingly, there are several online reviews attesting to the delicious taste of iguana meat.

The video commences with the man apprehending the iguana perched in a tree and successfully bringing it down. Although this initial feat may not appear particularly impressive, it marks the beginning of an exhilarating sequence.

The iguana scampers across the grass, likely believing it has made a successful getaway, but an unexpected twist occurs when it enters the water. Astonishingly, this is where the Florida man gains the upper hand and demonstrates his prowess. It seems as though he has lost the iguana as he bobs up and down in the water several times, but he eventually emerges triumphant, cradling the reptile with both hands.

Then, he presents the iguana to his son, who appears delighted and inquisitive about the invasive reptile.

Regarding the video’s reception, many TikTok users expressed confusion about why the man invested so much effort in capturing the wild animal. Moreover, concerns were raised about his safety when leaping into the murky waters. While alligator attacks are relatively infrequent in Florida, jumping into unfamiliar waters could potentially elevate the risk of such encounters.


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