Data shows Oregonians believe homelessness is the state’s biggest problem

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

A study conducted by the independent research firm DHMResearch was carried out in August of this year. Here, they asked Oregonians what the biggest problem was in the state. Interestingly, over 40% of participants said the same thing, which was homelessness. In second place, the biggest issue was drugs which may be correlated to the homeless problem.

Not only this but interestingly, this data was shared across all political viewpoints. For instance, participants from Republican and Democratic backgrounds both shared these sentiments. Arguably, this shows how important the Oregon homeless crisis truly is with cities such as Portland often appearing as the country’s poster boy when it comes to homelessness and crime.

These findings sparked a debate in the Twitter comments section, with one Oregonian named Kim McGair commenting: “We agree about so much more than we disagree. But we let the parties and the media divide us.”

Elsewhere, others claimed that homelessness, drugs, and crime were all linked so it was not surprising to see these at the top of the issues for the people interviewed. Interestingly, very few voters blamed these issues on the leadership of Oregon which hints that these problems are viewed as individualistic issues rather than from the top. This information comes just days after the state cleared one of Portland’s biggest homeless camps. Having said this, it is still unclear where the dwellers move to after being evicted.


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