The most expensive Long Island City condo just got listed for sale – Its price may shock you

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, the most expensive condo in Long Island City was listed for sale. As you can imagine, with a title such as this, it’s going to come with a high price tag. Here’s what $3,495,000 gets you in Long Island City. Despite being expensive, this isn’t exactly a large property with 1,656 sqft to play with. It also comes with three bedrooms and three bathrooms but perhaps the most consistent theme with this property is the feeling of luxury that is found throughout. Not only is it well maintained, but it also comes with a host of amenities.


Firstly, the living area is open and has relaxed vibes, while the kitchen is spacious and open-plan. However, it may be the other facilities in the block which are this place’s main selling point. This also comes with a communal swimming pool, sunbathing area, gym, games room, golf simulator, and even a music studio. In other words, it’s the perfect bachelor pad.


Interestingly, this condo was attempted to be sold last year but since then, the sellers have dropped the price by a few thousand. With this in mind, if it’s of interest then you may even be able to get the place at a discount as there could be potential wriggle room. While not for everyone, it is undeniably a sleek, maintained property that would put you with the elites of Long Island City society.

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