Nashville Recycling Center bombarded after Labor Day weekend

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

A Nashville recycling center has been absolutely bombarded with cardboard and rubbish during the Labor weekend. This photo was posted on Facebook which showed the aftermath of one too many Amazon deliveries. As seen, the center had three large metal bins for cardboard to be recycled.

However, the recycling had completely overflowed and the bulk of it was left on the floor, which made the scene look unsightly and incredibly messy. Perhaps more importantly, the waste crew that would be handling this would have their work cut out. Instead of merely tipping the bins into their garbage truck, they would have to manually load it with the excess waste.


This photograph took place on Old Hickory Blvd which has long housed the recycling center. However, in many years it has never looked this bad. Common sense would say that if you arrived and the bins were overflowed then you should go elsewhere. Having said this, common sense was clearly missing in this picture.

We spoke to a local named David Simone who said “If you get there before 10 AM on Saturday then it’s ok. If you get there later then it can be carnage. Sadly it’s been like this for a while, the people just don’t care anymore.” With this said, hopefully common sense will prevail in the future and Nashville locals will be a bit more respectful of their environment.

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