Jamesville Beach sadly closed over boiling Labor Day weekend – However there is a serious reason why

September 4, 2023 by No Comments

Over Labor Day weekend, the weather in Syracuse reached over 86 degrees. As a result, you may think that it would be perfect weather for a bit of swimming and cooling down in the water. Unfortunately, this wasn’t allowed in Jamesville Beach.

As seen in the image below, a large sign had been left by the city which read ‘Beach closed.’ Unfortunately, other than this there was no other information available on the sign leaving potential beach-goers confused as to what was going on. Across the city, the same sign was seen at Onondaga Lake. Having said this, there is actually a very serious reason why the beaches were closed.


In short, the answer is that these beaches have been recently invaded by HABs, also known as harmful algae blooms. Swimming in water with algae blooms can be dangerous because some types of algae produce toxins that can harm humans and animals.

These harmful algal blooms, often referred to as HABs, occur when certain species of algae grow rapidly and produce excessive amounts of toxins. These can lead to skin irritation and even respiratory problems, as well as posing health issues to animals. In other words, it’s not that Syracuse city is being spiteful. It’s actually the opposite, and they’re being sensible and protecting the people. Unfortunately, this happened during one of the most popular days of the year for the beach.

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