Shocking footage shows cars submerged after storm

September 3, 2023 by No Comments

This weekend has seen parts of Las Vegas absolutely battered by a huge storm. As a result, entire streets have been flooded. In the video below, footage filmed by a car attempting to drive shows cars almost fully submerged in the water. Here, they cannot move and are almost certainly written off.

Sadly, it’s not just one or two cars either and they may have been parked and abandoned before the storm took place. This is a far cry away from the usual dry weather in Las Vegas but also highlights just how volatile the weather can be at times. Sadly, there is also more rain forecast for the next few days.

This footage was originally posted to the website Reddit. Here, one user commented saying: “Wow. I guess they didn’t get the flood channels in that section of Vegas. In my area, they installed a few of them that does help a lot.” Elsewhere in the thread, others berated the cars in the video for attempting to drive during a storm. Clearly, there wasn’t much sympathy for the ruined cars. Unfortunately, there have also been reports of people drowning in Las Vegas which also highlights just how dangerous the flooding can be at times. With this in mind, stay alert and stay safe.

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