Revellers caught illegally climbing on Yorktown designated land

September 3, 2023 by No Comments

It’s no secret that Virginia is very proud of Yorktown which also happens to be a census-designated place. Here, it is filled with lots of war monuments, history, and culture. So, when one eagle-eyed Virginian saw people standing on the earthworks, they weren’t happy. Due to the nature of the photograph, you cannot make out the people’s identity as they’re in the distance. However, they looked to be doing some kind of photoshoot in the background, despite a nearby sign that clearly reads: “Earthworks restoration underway. Please do not climb on the earthworks.”


Speaking on Reddit, the user who uploaded the photo described it as ‘disrespect‘ and went on to say “I hope the photo shoot was worth it at Yorktown. If you’re the people in this photo learn to read the signs and understand they’re there for a reason.” However, other users questioned why they didn’t confront the revelers in person instead of venting online. Another user wrote how this was sadly a common occurrence and that some people either didn’t care or did it out of ignorance.

Although climbing on the earthworks is prohibited, it is not seen as a serious crime either and is highly unlikely to result in any legal action or jail time. Still, you can see why this behavior would annoy someone as can be interpreted as being ignorant of Virginia history.

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