Peoria customer claims they got charged with stealth tip on food order – But the explanation makes sense

September 3, 2023 by No Comments

According to one Peoria local, they recently got charged with a stealth tip while eating out at the local farmer’s market. In a bizarre twist, they also claimed that this tip was added by the French nuns, who have been regulars at the market for some time and are famed for selling their acclaimed bread and cookies.

As seen in the image below, the bill had an extra $3.20 which is what the dispute centered around. So, what actually happened?


According to the person who received the tip, this was actually an accident. Here, they documented the episode on Reddit, writing: “Should I call my bank and say I didn’t agree to the tip? Update: I did just that. Cefcu removed the tip. Good call thank you! They said basically they clicked the button to give themselves a 20% tip. Could have been an accident. Keep and check your receipts!”

In other words, it seems as though this was genuinely a mistake. This year, a lot of Americans have been on alert with stealth tips becoming more and more common. However, it sounds like a genuine mistake and when you think about it, the chances are that a group of nuns aren’t exactly out to rip people off! If nothing else, this shows that sometimes there is a happy ending, and not everyone is out to get you or steal your money.


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