Jacksonville’s Taco & Tequila Festival gets rave reviews from customers

September 3, 2023 by No Comments

Over the past two days, Jacksonville has hosted its annual Taco & Tequila festival. This included musical acts such as Lupe Fiasco and Big Boi, as well as lots of tacos and tequila (obviously). More importantly though, the customers who attended the event spoke highly of it and based on this, it’s fair to say that it was a roaring success.

Speaking on their Instagram page, one festival-goer named Dane Jones said: “Went with a group yesterday. I don’t wanna know how much my wife and I spent. We all had a blast. We didn’t go the last 2 years because the 1st year was such a letdown. So compared to the 1st it was a 100% better experience. As an overall experience, the price for 1 day wasn’t too terrible. The food was good, plenty of shade and room to dance. 8/10, I look forward to next year.”


This comment comes after previous years have sometimes been criticized for the lack of organization and prices surrounding the event. Nonetheless, it looks like this year has been more than successful. Despite being alcohol-themed, kids are also allowed which means this has quickly turned into a Labor day classic in Jacksonville. For everyone that missed out this year, sadly you’ll have to wait another 365 days until next time.

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