Huntington Beach looks at introducing license requirements for E-Bikes

September 3, 2023 by No Comments

A recent document from the Huntington Beach council meeting highlighted the discussion of introducing licenses for e-bike riders. This document looked at introducing licenses for safety reasons, citing that many e-bikes had been modified and could travel at speeds of 60 MPH. It also noticed that these bikes were also ridden by minors. The plan was documented under ‘Fiscal sustainability and public safety’. However, cynics may call it a cash grab as this law would also require drivers to pay for a license. At the same time, it’s also true that some e-bikes clearly are fast and potentially dangerous at times.

Image from Huntington Beach City Council

As is often the case with these policies, there may be some push back, and implementing new laws and rules can often be a long road that is filled with red tape along the way. In other words, we should stress that this is merely a proposal at these times and it may not actually get passed into a reality.

Regardless, there are arguments for both sides and this one looks like it could rumble on for some time to see. This doesn’t just go for Huntington Beach either, as various other cities and states have looked at the legality of e-bikes over the past few years.

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