Hacked Savannah Street Sign Claims ‘Meat is Murder’

September 3, 2023 by No Comments

Last night, a digital traffic sign on Bay Street was hacked. Instead of giving drivers instructions, it instead was changed to saying ‘Meat is murder’ and ‘Stop eating animals.’ Clearly, an animal rights activist had somehow tampered with the sign to put across their message and in fairness, it worked as it has now been talked about. Irrespective, it does make you wonder about the lack of effectiveness considering that it was done at night with very few people around.

This video was originally uploaded on Reddit. Interestingly, another Savannah local claimed that earlier on in the night, it also had a wedding proposal message on it as well. Clearly, the sign was open for abuse.

Another user told the old joke, “How do you know someone is a vegan? They’ll tell you” which showed the overall feeling of apathy towards the cause. According to this source, Georgia isn’t exactly known for its veganism either. With yesterday’s passing and the working week upon us, it looks as though this sign will be returning to normal. Nonetheless, it looks as though this statement didn’t really leave the desired impression that it intended as no one really seemed to care. Still, if it has another update over the next few days, we will be sure to report on it and see what its new message has to say.

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