Bizarre car spotted around St. Louis – Here’s it’s interesting backstory you probably never knew

September 3, 2023 by No Comments

If you’ve been around St. Louis long enough then you may have had the pleasure of spotting this particularly bizarre car. What used to be a regular sedan looks to have been modified to the extreme. As seen with the image below, it now looks more akin to an alien spaceship which is probably the theme that the owner is going for. Here, it has a large novelty antenna, alien stickers, and a turquoise dome above the roof.

Despite looking quirky, it turns out that this is the car of a very talented artist named Bill Christman. In fact, he is the brains behind the robots in Beatnik Bob’s and a lot of the signs in the City Museum, as well as creating and running Joe’s Cafe & Art Gallery on Kingsbury. Not only this but he also made the original Cherokee St. Indian. More recently, he started another art gallery on Delmar in the former “Wizard’s Wagon” and other cool parts of the city.


With this being said, it actually makes perfect sense that this is the vehicle of choice for such a talented and creative artist. On a side note, it’s also something that may bring a smile to your face and is certainly far from mundane. In short, it’s cool to see the quirkier side of St. Louis so if you’re lucky enough to see this vehicle driving around then now you know the backstory and history of the owner.

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