This house has just gone up for sale in Anchorage – and it’s one of the most expensive in Alaska

September 2, 2023 by No Comments

Under 24 hours ago, this amazing property was listed on Zillow and it is one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the entirety of Alaska, let alone Anchorage. Judging by the images, you can see why as well as it’s pretty massive. Interestingly however, this only has two bedrooms and four bathrooms which begs the question of what the other rooms are used for. This is even more puzzling when you also realize that it features a large basement and almost 8,000 space of square footage.

Aside from the interior, this property is also pretty extravagant on the outside too. Here, it has a unique brown color scheme, landscaped gardens, a pond, a surrounding forest, and stunning views of the Alaskan mountains. In other words, it’s the perfect property if you’re a millionaire recluse.


As you may expect, this property is not cheap and is out of reach for most people. Its asking price is $2,585,000 and has an estimated monthly cost of nearly $18,000 when looking at the mortgage. On top of this, the maintenance alone would also cost a lot as well. Still, if this is in your price range then it could be the ideal property. As this has only just gone on the market, it may be gone quickly based on what is on offer.

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