Lincoln Costco no longer sells Diesel in blow to motorists

September 2, 2023 by No Comments

Those with Diesel cars will no longer be able to take advantage of Costco’s cheaper prices when shopping in Lincoln. This is because a new notice appeared yesterday which claimed that from the 18th of September onwards, the store would no longer be offering Diesel as a service. This was accompanied by a sign explaining the scenario in further detail.

According to one local on Facebook named Ben Snyder, it wasn’t just Lincoln who would be affected by this either. After phoning Costo, he said: “I just called to ask about it and they said it’s a corporate move they’re doing nationwide.” With this said, it doesn’t look like this is exclusive to Lincoln either, and may eventually be replaced with electric chargers for green cars.


This breaks years of company tradition, where Costco has sold its own Kirkland brand of Diesel. According to the same Facebook user, this is because it was no longer economically viable compared to selling petrol. In fact, other Costco outlets in other parts of the country have also not sold Diesel for quite some time. Regardless, this will undoubtedly serve as a blow to Lincoln motorists who are reliant on Diesel and may also end up hitting their pockets due to Costco’s famously cheaper prices than elsewhere.


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