If you’ve ever encountered the mysterious Cambridge Suitcase Lady then here’s what you should know

September 2, 2023 by No Comments

If you’ve ever been to East Cambridge and Kendall Square then you may have encountered ‘The Suitcase Lady’ who has a known presence in the area. Here, an older woman can be seen pushing around roughly five suitcases which is as tiring as it sounds. This is practically a daily occurrence and no one knows why. However, this behavior has been going on for years. Although her backstory is mysterious, there is actually some information about her online that dates back years.

According to a comment made over three years ago on Reddit, her name is Mary, and she is not homeless. Here, the user wrote: “She was mentioned a few months ago in an East Cambridge Nextdoor post: “Her name is Mary and if you offer her help she will let you know that she’s okay. I see her do business at the Citizens Bank on First Street, so she does have money. She offered saltine crackers to my grandsons one day while we were at the park. The supercuts staff at twin city plaza are kind enough to let her sit inside and maybe give her free trim, they might know more.”

Aside from this, there have also been multiple stories online speculating about her mental state which is pure hearsay at this point. However, what is known is that she has apparently been doing this for decades and can get upset if you ask her about her luggage, so it may be best to treat her with decency and respect. Clearly though, Mary has left her mark on Boston and Cambridge over the years and has provided locals with plenty of talking points for quite some time.

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