FlatIron Crossing Macy’s seen using Christmas decorations in September

September 2, 2023 by No Comments

It may not be December but it appears that the festive season is already upon us. This is because Macy’s in FlatIron Crossing shopping mall has already resorted to putting up Christmas decorations. The decorations were photographed and shared on Boulder social media, where users had their say on whether it was too early or acceptable.

One user commented: “Mildly infuriating. It’s literally 100 degrees out and this stuff is being pushed.” while another claimed that Costco had already begun with their decorations a week earlier.


As seen, this isn’t just a single Christmas tree either, as there are also stockings and Santa decorations in the background. Not only this but it’s still incredibly hot outside while Halloween is still over one month away. This shows that in the land of retail, Christmas truly is king.

Having said this, based on the online reaction not everyone was happy and viewed it as too early. Nonetheless, it looks as though Macy’s knows what they’re doing, as they’ve been operating out of the Boulder mall for over 5 years now, so perhaps there is actually some method in their madness. On a final note, it looks like this is only the beginning, and over the coming weeks, various other retailers will look to mimic the retail giant.


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