Tulsa University Football Team gets new mascot – And everyone is saying the same thing

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

The Tulsa University Football team now has a new mascot. Gone is Captain Cane and in is a new character. Unlike Captain Cane, the yellow color scheme has been replaced with a darker shade. Combined with the outlines on his face, this has led to various people saying the same thing about the new mascot. Sadly, they’re not compliments either.

In short, the design has been ambitious and is meant to look like a hurricane. This wouldn’t be the first hurricane-based Tulsa mascot either. The issue is that this looks closer to excrement as opposed to a hurricane. While this may not have been deliberate, you can clearly see the resemblance which is unfortunate.


Speaking on the popular website Reddit, one user exclaimed: “Looks like an upside down poop emoji.” while another agreed, claiming “Thanks, I hate it!” Clearly, this mascot hasn’t won over many fans however others claimed it had a strong jawline and was unique at least.

Seeing as the new mascot has just debuted, it’s still early days and the majority of Tulsans may not be aware of this character just yet. However, time will tell to see how well it gets on in terms of popularity. Regardless, you’d have to admit that it has big shoes to fill after replacing Captain Cane.


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