‘Slum Lord’ – Scott Brown billboard gets vandalized in Denton

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

Property management and real estate company Scott Brown recently saw one of their advertising board vandalized by someone who was not happy with them. For many years, Scott Brown has operated out of Denton and has often received mixed reviews from the public. In fact, they have been doing business in Denton for over three decades and have worked alongside many local residents over this period.

And it looks like someone wasn’t happy with Scott Brown, spraying ‘Slum Lord’ over their advert. This term has previously been used to describe the company years back and it seems as though even now, some people still aren’t happy.


The photograph shown above appeared this morning but it is not known where in Denton this occurred. We interviewed a Denton resident earlier named Laura Villis who said this: “Scott Brown has been around for years and they own a lot of property in these parts. Someone wasn’t very happy with them and they defaced their advert. I get being angry but damaging someone’s property seems too far.”

As of right now, the graffiti remains in tact. However, it is highly possible that Scott Brown will get this cleaned up. Irrespective, this doesn’t mean that it won’t happen again either. Watch this space.

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