Logan Airport backlog causes long customer delays

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

The summer holiday season is truly upon us in Boston, as the Logan airport had a huge backlog of passengers due to struggling with demand. Here, one passenger detailed their experience – claiming that they had been waiting almost 2 hours and 30 minutes in the tunnel after landing.

This incident happened yesterday and the person who documented it said: “My Flight landed 7:30, 30 minutes early. It’s 9:53 and I’m still stuck in the tunnel. I’m just trying to make it to downtown.” This was also accompanied by the image below which shows a number of passengers helplessly standing around. Clearly, this isn’t a fun experience when experiencing travel.


As part of the conversation, other Bostonians mentioned how the Silver Line wasn’t as good or efficient as it used to be. This may explain why these scenarios have seemingly grown more regular in recent times.

Elsewhere, things were made worse by the ongoing tunnel closure which certainly didn’t help. Perhaps the best solution for this situation would be to get an Uber, but based on this you would also be spending quite a lot of money to pay for the convenience. Interestingly, Logan Airport still has a solid reputation but after looking at reviews, it looks as though this has certainly happened before.

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