Illegal Camper who burned 2 acres of Alton Baker Park returns to same spot with more campfires

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

According to a local of Alton Baker Park, the same individual who had previously been reported 6 times for engaging in unauthorized camping activities and had resided in the area for a duration of two weeks has returned to the area yet again. Apparently, no action was taken by Eugene in response to these reports. The fire resulted in a total of two acres being scorched which was previously lush, green land.

Astonishingly, the same individual was observed last night, once again occupying the same location and igniting a campfire while also littering the area with refuse. As seen in the image below, the grass has been burned and the remnants of a campsite can be seen.


Unfortunately, it looks as if this camper will continue with their behavior with few consequences in sight. Of course, it should be known that this is based on the reports of the individual who brought this issue up in the first place as the city of Eugene has not yet confirmed anything in terms of concrete evidence.

Nonetheless, if this individual’s theory is correct then it is not a good look for the city as it should have been investigated and sorted out a long time ago. Not only is the destruction of nature bad for various reasons but it could also lead to death and destruction in the area which is completely needless as well.


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