Car almost causes crash with incredibly bad driving in Las Vegas

September 1, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, dash cam footage showed some very suspect driving in Las Vegas. Here, a white vehicle tried to change lanes despite another car already occupying the lane in question. Here, the car indicated and seemingly didn’t look or notice the car slightly behind it.

The car with the dash cam began to slow down to allow room, which the poor driver used to enter the new lane. However, this wasn’t the end of the ordeal. After hesitantly merging, the same car got stuck on the median due to poor decision-making. Here, they fully stopped which could have caused yet another accident.

Thankfully, the car that filmed the incident drove well and exercised caution and restraint. This incident was shared on Reddit where people spoke about their driving experiences in Las Vegas. Speaking on the culture of Las Vegas driving, one user had this to say: “This is one thing I’ve noticed about Vegas drivers compared to a lot of other places is that they absolutely despise missing a turn or an exit…etc. Like they’d rather hold up the entirety of the 15 rather than miss their exit and have to find an alternate route. Sometimes you just missed your exit, figure it out.”

On a positive note, this could have ended a lot worse and shows that there are still good drivers out there at least.

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