Religious Symbol Confuses Bay Area Locals, But There Is A Simple Explanation

August 30, 2023 by No Comments

If you aren’t a local to the Milpitas area, then you will no doubt be confused by the hillside image. At first glance, the symbol looks to be religious, but nothing conventional or mainstream. Theories emerged that some teenagers may have defaced a cross or a mysterious cult within the hills, however, both of these explanations are not true.

When driving around the local vicinity, the hillside image is not that obvious to find, but is hard to miss if your line of sight is not blocked by trees. Depending on your flight path, it is also possible to make out the image when taking off from SFO airport on a clear day.

Other speculations have included that this is a variation of the Catholic church called the “Sacred Heart“. However, although this theory made somewhat logical sense, it was also not quite right.

Image // Reddit

The real reason for this strange religious artwork is not at all that interesting, but it does have a simple explanation. The iconography comes from a Dragon Mountain temple (which are not too uncommon in the Milpitas area) that closed down a few years ago. The owner of the templed wished to combine aspects from all religions and made his own religion, for which this is the symbol of.

As you can see, the religion has its roots in Christianity with the cross of Jesus being very visible at the top of the artwork. The bottom of the symbol is an inverted heart. As the religion does not have a website, it is difficult to say if it is still active in 2023.

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