Cleveland found to be the most genorous tipping city in the USA

August 30, 2023 by No Comments

A recent study conducted by the food delivery app Toast showed that out of all the cities in the USA, Cleveland was the most generous when giving out tips. On average, when ordering takeout, customers would tip roughly 20% of the time while living in Cleveland.

The second highest city was Denver at just below 20%. Interestingly, Cleveland isn’t exactly known for its generous culture – but as they say, numbers don’t lie. This also shows that tipping isn’t always directly linked with wealth either, as Cleveland certainly isn’t the wealthiest city in the US and is sometimes viewed among some of the poorest.

Source: Toast App

In fact, this telling infographic also shows that the idea of ‘Southern hospitality’ may be grossly overexaggerated. We interviewed a local named Brian Stanley who had this to say: “It just goes to show that the people of Cleveland are good, honest folk and we always try to support our own. I’m really proud of my city.”

It should also be pointed out that this is merely one piece of research conducted by a food delivery app, and it may not necessarily translate into other tipping practices such as eating out, or when it comes to paying for other goods or services. Nonetheless, this is ample proof that the good people of Cleveland deserve a round of applause for their generosity.

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