Leaked Valley Inn document shows strict working conditions

August 9, 2023 by No Comments

A document that was allegedly printed on August 5th 2023, shows what has been described as a ‘strict’ behavioral code for employees at the Valley Inn ale house in Pleasant Valley. Here, a number of rules were lined out, including one that read, “Employees who are observed on camera (or by other employees) doing a minimum amount of paid work that is beneficial to the Valley Inn business will be paid minimum wage for the entire day’s work.”

This wasn’t the only rule that staff had to follow, with one even offering a self-described $20 ‘Snitch bonus’, for those willing to provide anonymous tips and times when staff were being lazy which could be checked on CCTV. In many ways, this document reads like some kind of parody but it was apparently very real.

Image taken from Reddit.com

The full discussion can be seen in this Reddit thread, whereby Iowan users were genuinely shocked. Here, they called for strikes, with one even claiming that the business rules weren’t legal. If true, then these claims do seem very strict and it doesn’t really look like a fun place to work. Nonetheless, we should point out that this is merely an image and there could still be a different backstory behind the document, such as a prank or joke.

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