Iowa Irish Fest 2023 gets rave reviews from locals

August 7, 2023 by No Comments

The passing weekend saw Waterloo host its annual Irish Fest 2023 which occurs on the first weekend of every August. Like many past events, this saw a large crowd drawn to certain Waterloo streets which was done in the name of Irish culture. Here, many Irish Americans (and fans of the Irish!) take part in street parties, which included live music, street food, and alcoholic beverages. As you can also imagine, this party was enhanced even further due to the lovely sunshine that Iowa was lucky enough to get during the weekend as well.

Speaking on Facebook, one local named Chris O’Shea wrote, “I live near Waterloo, and I’ve been a few times in the past as well as the one over the weekend. It’s a great event. It’s Really well done and unique. I love it.”

This comment helped set the tone, as many other Iowans also chimed in and gave their seal of approval regarding the fun atmosphere that the event provided for locals. While this festival was mostly a cause for celebration, the only annoying thing is that it’s also once per year. In other words, if you were unlucky enough to miss it, then sadly you’ll have to wait until next August before you can attend again. The good news is that Irish Fest has been running for years in Iowa so it’s not going to go anywhere either.

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