Neighborhoods in Des Moines suffer power outages after storm

August 6, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a large storm swept through parts of Iowa and due to its ferocity, parts of De Moines went without power due to the damage it caused. Specifically, the neighborhood of Beaverton was severely hit and although no one was hurt, it still took down power lines that were eventually reinstated.

One video shown on Twitter showed just how bad the storm was, which featured torrential rain and strong winds. Speaking on social media, one Iowan wrote, “I lost power about 15 minutes ago, right when the storm came in. Just north of Hickman Road in Beaverdale. Anybody else?”

This comment prompted a number of responses, whereby other locals confirmed that they had also suffered power outages from the storm. At its peak, MidAmerican reportedly had over 3000 outages as well which shows just how damaging the storm was.

However, not everyone was hit by the storm, and most of Des Moines didn’t lose power. In other words, it was only a select number of unlucky areas and neighborhoods that got hit worse than others who went without power. This outage lasted several hours and may be due to certain parts having their power cables overground, whereas neighboring cities such as Waukee typically have their lines underground which makes them less prone to damage during storms. Thankfully, most of the power has been reinstated since the storm first occurred.

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