Ken Croken to run for Mayor of Davenport

August 5, 2023 by No Comments

Iowa State Representative Ken Croken has announced his candidacy for the position of Davenport’s mayor. The decision to run was driven, in part, by the tragic collapse of The Davenport apartment building. According to Croken, this loss of life, limb, and property was preventable and compelled him to enter the race. However, he emphasizes that his campaign is not solely focused on this issue.

Croken aims to improve communication between the city government and Davenport residents, as there seems to be a growing disconnect that reflects a lack of accountability, transparency, and effective communication.

In addition to addressing these governance issues, Croken has highlighted other priorities, such as reproductive healthcare, workers’ rights, and LGBTQ rights.

Currently representing Iowa House District 97, which includes a significant portion of Davenport, Croken is an experienced lawyer, former Scott County supervisor, and a teacher at St. Ambrose University.

His opponents in the race are Mayor Mike Matson and community organizer, Jasmine Schneider. The primary for city offices is scheduled for October, with the general election taking place in November. With this, by the end of the year, it is entirely possible that Ken Croken could be the mayor of Davenport. As is always the case with these things, it’s up to every individual to vote on who they feel will best represent their city.

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