Lincoln locals shocked to see Halloween decorations in Lowes during summer

August 1, 2023 by No Comments

Although it’s now August and October isn’t too far away, it still seems bizarre to see Halloween decorations in supermarket stores. This picture was taken during the weekend (so it was technically in July) and shows a grim reaper decoration. Priced at $199, this ornament is Bluetooth operated and plays the guitar.

Despite being a pretty cool feature, it didn’t go down particularly well with the locals of Lincoln, Nebraska. Here, one person even went as far as to comment, “Just one of the many reasons not to shop there” as they clearly weren’t impressed.

On a similar note, another Nebraskan commented, “Walmart’s already putting out some seasonal candies for Halloween. I’m trying not to complain too much because I love Halloween, but like, it is 3 months away still.” With this said, it’s not just Lowes who are at it either, and in fairness, this retail practice is nothing new.

Nonetheless, this decoration does seem even weirder for this time of year due to the record levels of heat in Lincoln which is commonly not associated with the colder Halloween month of October. Still, due to Lowes being such a big corporation, although it may seem weird, this practice may be financially less obscure than it actually appears at first glance. With this in mind, realistically we’re only a couple of months away from seeing Christmas decorations in stores as well.

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